Stay Ahead with Video marketing - 3 Tips to Boost Your Marketing Campaign

We all know that society is obsessed with the idea of instant gratification. People want what they want and they want it now. Personally, this saddens me, but professionally, it's great!

Businesses all over the globe are taking advantage of this psychological shift every day.


The easiest and most efficient way to capitalize on this change is through video advertising. So here are 3 ways that you can use a professional video to boost your marketing campaign and capture that ever-shrinking attention span:

Videos will give your audience the longest lasting impression.

Why Video Marketing Works

Videos are one area where technology plays tricks on the human mind. Psychologists say that the reason we feel emotions for our favorite TV characters is because our mind can't differentiate between them and our best friends!

That sounds ridiculous, but think about it. When Ross and Rachel finally got back together at the end of what felt like a million years, you either cheered and/or cried. (If you booed them, please leave for we can no longer be friends.)

With proper advertising copy (words) and successful character building, there's no reason you can't take advantage of this psychological phenomenon. You can actually use this to build and maintain a lasting relationship with your customers based off of trust.

Video is the unchallenged, preferred format of the current age.

Video Marketing Statistics

When you think about the different formats of information consumption, video is noticeably taking over.

When we began to turn books into movies, people started reading less and waited for the cinema rendition (I was one of them, actually I never really read much anyway). Since Skype and FaceTime went mainstream, we no longer settle for just voice to voice contact through our smart devices.

As this trend continues to pick up, video will only become more and more prominent in our society. The businesses that make it a point to reach their target audience in the format that they prefer will ultimately sustain the most growth.

As this digital age progresses our reliance on video will continue to increase as a communication tool, solidifying its role as a prominent advertising format.

When looking for a Colorado video production company that understands where video marketing is headed, any mention of the word "mobile" is a major keyword. Plenty of evidence is available now proving where more people are primarily watching marketing videos. YouTube recently showed through their own statistics page how half of all their videos are now watched on a mobile device. It's only expected to grow further by next year, and not just on YouTube.

With these kinds of numbers, you realize that more and more people want information while on the go. We're truly living in a visual culture where an effective marketing video gets across a message better than any other format.

The only challenge with creating videos for mobile devices is how to make those videos effective. Because mobile screens are small (except for the iPhone 6 Plus and galaxy Note, those things are massive!), you have to consider how people perceive your visuals in this format.

It's not going to get any easier either when the Apple Watch possibly becomes a new mobile tool for watching videos on an even smaller screen.

More so, with people wanting information quickly on their smartphones, how short should your marketing videos really be?

I'm not going to answer that for you because it vastly depends on your message, but keep in mind that if you have al onger video it really needs to be super relevant and engaging or else people will find something better to do. 

Videos have the capacity to be shared across multiple platforms.

Videos have the capacity to be shared across multiple platforms.

Traditionally video advertising has been on broadcast television. However through technological innovations there are now countless advertising platforms that support videos.

Videos have the ability to be shared cross-channel through social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo and YouTube. They can also be embedded in websites, blogs and emails. This makes video now one of the most versatile means of marketing to your target audience.

You probably knew this, but make sure that when you produce a video, you ask yourself, "Am I getting this video everywhere that my audience is present?"

Practical Advice for Videos in a Mobile Culture

VIDEOS IN A MOBILE CULTUREYou have some serious creative choices to make creating a video seen on a mobile device. First, consider the image quality. With digital and even 4K becoming common, using high-definition is essential. Especially when you're marketing a product, you want people to see detail as much as possible.

Close-ups are sometimes the best technique for attracting viewers on mobile devices. This includes close-ups of anything important you want people to see clearly. No matter if it's people or your products, make them easily viewable so a mobile viewer doesn't have to squint to see detail.

Also, because many people now view videos on their mobile devices while waiting or when in a hurry, shorter videos are now the norm. You likely already know this in an age where we're seeing more five-second marketing videos from corporations on Vine.

While you don't have to make your video five seconds on mobile devices, making your marketing videos at least a few minutes is better for the mobile culture. You need a good video production company that understands how to effectively whittle things down to the essentials so you get to the point.

You still can tell a compelling story about your company in just a couple of minutes. This includes demonstrating just how much your product or service helps people.

Don't miss this:

Make your marketing video about your audience and what they get out of your services or product! They will respond much more positively to that kind of message.

Here at Joyco MultiMedia, LLC, we'll help you create a compelling marketing video for your company that's easily viewable on any mobile device.

Contact us and we'll work closely with you on the right production techniques so you capture the average mobile viewer. We'll also show how direct links in your mobile video works wonders in making calls to action even faster.

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